Pledge to
End Poverty

Talent is universal. We’re fighting to make resources and opportunity universal too.

Create a safety net that is easy to access, respects people’s time and dignity, and provides a guaranteed income floor so we all have access to basics like food, housing, and healthcare.

Provide affordable, quality childcare so people can work and know their children are in a safe environment with well-trained, well-paid care workers.

Make paid sick and family leave universal so that every person can take time off to care for themselves or their loved ones.

Guarantee housing by protecting tenants’ rights, building affordable housing, and keeping current units affordable.

Advance environmental justice by ensuring low-income communities are not subjected to an unfair burden of environmental pollution and investing in climate resiliency to mitigate the effects of natural disasters.

Create quality jobs and worker power through family-supporting wages, protecting the right to organize and bargain collectively, and expanding protections for domestic workers and independent contractors.

Invest in public school equity so that every child can access the facilities, transportation, activities, and wraparound services that they deserve.

Support entrepreneurship and small business ownership through seed grants and low-interest loans, training, and technical assistance.

Ensure affordable access to higher education and training so that everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams through college, apprenticeships, and other career pathways.

Protect and advance the rights of immigrants so that they can live free from fear, fully participate in our communities, and enjoy social and economic mobility.

Give a baby bond to every child so they can invest in education, housing, a business, or other wealth-creating activities when they turn 18.

Establish equal justice and real second chances by investing in jobs for youth and improved neighborhood quality; access to education during incarceration; and reentry support such as housing, safety net access, and employment assistance.