Legislation We Support

End Poverty in California (EPIC) champions policies that respond directly to the challenges we hear from Californians across the state. Their collective wisdom shapes our priorities, and we are proud to fight for legislation aimed at ending poverty.

Join us and learn more about our priority bills.

What EPIC Fights For

A Safety Net that Centers Dignity

We envision technology, systems, and people working in lockstep to provide essential and accessible services to families in a way that maintains their dignity and respects their time.

Quality Jobs and Worker Power

We envision a worker-centered ecosystem that protects organizer’s rights while providing strong worker protections, training, and pathways to quality jobs.

Housing as a Human Right

We envision thriving communities with stable and affordable housing for all.

Wealth Creating Opportunities for All

We envision a state in which all Californians – regardless of race, gender, or zip code – have the opportunity to build long-term financial stability and wealth that can pass along to future generations.

Shared Safety and Second Chances

We envision a system that does not criminalize people for being poor; increases funds for mental health services and community providers; eliminates administrative and other criminal justice fees placed on people who have served their sentence; and encourages reentry so that aid, housing, education, and employment are accessible. 

EPIC-Sponsored Legislation in 2023

Apartment complex

ACA 10 (Haney) “Housing as a human right” establishes a constitutional amendment that protects housing as a fundamental right for all Californians and enables more systems of accountability to ensure that right.

LATEST NEWS: ACA 10 Is making its way through the Assembly. In June, the bill passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee. 

Car tow

AB 1082 (Kalra) “Ending Poverty Tows” eliminates vehicle tows due to unpaid parking tickets, reforms registration hold policy, and improves parking ticket payment plans.

LATEST NEWS: AB 1082 Passed the Assembly and is making its way through the Senate.

2023 Bills EPIC Formally Supported

AB 12 (Haney) Tenancy: Security Deposits

This bill prohibits a landlord from requiring a security deposit that exceeds the amount of one month’s rent and payment for the first month of rent on or before the first date of occupancy.

Latest News: AB 12 was signed by Governor Newsom on October 11, 2023.

AB 1148 (Bonta) Child Support Suspension

This bill would enable the suspension of child support obligations until 10 months after the release of the person from incarceration or involuntary institutionalization.

Latest News: AB 1148 was signed by Governor Newsom on October 8, 2023.

SB 4 (Wiener) “Affordable Housing on Faith Lands Act”

Planning and Zoning; Housing Development; Higher Education Institutions and Religious Institutions
This bill would help streamline the process for religious organizations and nonprofit colleges to develop affordable housing on their property regardless of local zoning restrictions. 

Latest News: SB 4 was signed by Governor Newsom on October 11, 2023.

SB 333 (Cortese) Homeless Pupils: California Success, Opportunity, and Academic Resilience (SOAR) Guaranteed Income Program

This program would establish the California SOAR Guaranteed Income Program, which would award high school seniors attending public schools who are homeless, a guaranteed income of $1000/monthly for 5 months.

SB 245 (Hurtado) “Food4All” California Food Assistance Program: Eligibility and Benefits

This bill eliminates the eligibility requirement for age among California immigrants in the state, thereby expanding access to CalFresh to immigrants in California of all ages, regardless of immigration status. 

SB 525 (Durazo) Minimum Wage: Health Care Workers

This bill would increase the minimum wage for health care workers to $21/hour for hours worked in covered health care employment, as defined beginning in 2024 and require an additional increase in the health care minimum wage to $25/hour to begin in 2025.

Latest News: SB 525 was signed by Governor Newsom on October 13, 2023.